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At Christopher Fine Diamonds we guarantee the quality and workmanship of every new piece of jewellery purchased for us. Christopher Fine Diamonds offers a jewellery warranty that is second to none. The following briefly explains our warranty policy. 


Christopher Fine Diamonds provides a limited lifetime warranty on all jewellery purchased from Christopher Fine Diamonds. This warranty covers manufacturers defects in material or workmanship but it does not cover neglect or abuse. A semi-annual inspection of your jewellery purchase is the best way to safeguard against potential problems. Christopher Fine Diamonds gladly provides free inspections of all your jewellery. Christopher Fine Diamonds recommends having us inspect your jewellery every six months. Regular upkeep of your jewellery is required to maintain your warranty. This includes paying for any normal repairs required due to wear, damage. or abuse. To have your jewellery cleaned or inspected, free of charge, simply stop by our showroom located in Chandler, AZ. If mailing (you only pay for the shipping charges) please box your jewellery item(s) wrapping each piece securely and send it to us via FedEx, UPS, or Postal Service registered and insured mail with your instructions and first/last name it was purchased under to: 


Attn: Repair Department 
2560 W. Chandler Boulevard Suite 3
Chandler, AZ 85224


The Christopher Fine Diamonds Limited Lifetime Warranty does NOT cover the following items: 
1. Any damage to your jewellery purchase due to negligence or abuse. (For Example: If a stone is lost due to bent, damaged, or work out prongs, Christopher Fine Diamonds is not responsible for the replacement of the stone or the re-tipping of the prongs)

2. If another jeweller performs any repair work on an item purchased for Christopher Fine Diamonds, we will not be held responsible for and the warranty becomes null and void. 

3. The loss of a center stone, such as a diamond is not covered under the Christopher Fine Diamonds Warranty if the jewelry item(s) have not been inspected every 6 moths since the date of purchase and/or if the routine recommended prong repairs have not been performed. Center stone loss may be covered under your Homeowners Insurance policy. Please note that a separate insurance rider may be required to fully cover all of your fine jewelry pieces. Please contact your insurance company for more information regarding your insurance policy limits and requirements. 

NOTE: Please be careful not to write Christopher Fine Diamonds, diamonds, or other luxury-related words anywhere on any package mailed, as this invites theft of your package. Be sure to also include both your daytime and evening telephone numbers and any pertinent contact information.